Season Events

Easter Egg Hunt

5000 colored eggs fill the courtyard at Hee Haw Farms on Easter Saturday. 2017 Easter Egg Hunt will be on Saturday April 15, 2017 at 10:30 am. 12 gold eggs lay hiding among the other eggs that have great prizes for the finder to win. Event also has special activities such as face painting, Easter crafts, cash in the corn and bobbing for bunnies. Easter Egg hunt for children 2-12 and is included with admission. Additional Easter Event activites available for $1.

Bean Bag Toss & Ring Toss

Courtyard activities that lets you see who has the best aim. Take turns and count up the bulls eyes at either challenge.

Field Trips

Fall and Spring field trips offered. School kids learn in a authentic and fun farm environment. From seed to harvest, educational animal fun, tractor rides, and the importance of dairy (spring field trip) are some of the great things we offer to school groups on field trips. Call 801-368-0255 to schedule your field trip for spring or fall.

Farmyard Paintball

General farm admission add-on $3. How good is your aim? Farmyard paitball combines paint and cool targets. 30 rounds should give you some nice practice and also let you create a paintball masterpiece.

Farmyard Croquet

Hole in one? Try your swing as you challenge your aim to make a whole in one. Fun farm paraphernalia, ball and croquet stick is all you need.

Pony Rides

General Farm Admission add-on $1. Younger guests delight in riding on a hand led pony. Little buckaroos will enjoy the opportunity to stroll around the pony corral atop these gentle animals. Mon-Fri 4-7:30 Saturday 12-3 & 4-7.

Haunted Hayride

General Farm admission add on for $5 per person. Take a hayride in the moonlit night through the haunted barnyard never knowing what might be hiding in the 156 year old barnyard then walk through the haunted corn in the moonlit sky. This Halloween attraction is great for groups or just two wanting to cozy up for some great Halloween scares. Runs Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays in October. Dark - close.

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch

Take a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Jack-o-lanterns of all sizes to choose from in the patch. Pumpkins are .35 per pound. Gourds, straw bales, sunflower heads, indian corn and corn stalks are also available for purchase. Last hayride to the pumpkin patch is at 7 p.m. There are pumpkins available for purchase at the country store until close.

Corn Maze

Add-on to general farm admission for only $3 (ages 3 and older). Take a hayride to the corn maze and then challenge your wits as you navigate your way through the towering corn. Fun for all ages. Last hayride to corn maze Mon-Thurs 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 pm.

Company Parties

Hee Haw Farms is a popular choice for company Halloween parties. A great place for kids and adults alike, it is a great place to hold such events. Past groups includes Microsoft, Axiom Financial, UVSC, and a BYU Homecoming Dance.

Church Groups

Church groups, more than any other, seem to flock to Hee Haw Farms by the carload during the Halloween season. We offer a great discounted rates along with private tents, free evening hayrides (until dark), and more… Hee Haw Farms is a great destination any church group activity.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique and fun spot for your child’s next birthday? Well, you’ve found it! We’ll customize a package perfect just for you.

Rump Rope

See how your lasso skills are cowboy. These are moving steers but it's still not that easy.

Hay Jump

There is a kid in all of us. Climbing and jumping are two of the simplest ways to have fun and we have created a fun object to do that on --our hay jump. Climb up on the bales and jump into a big cushion of hay. It will definately bring the kid out in you.

Goat Walk

Did you know that goats are some of the best climbers around. We have built them a fun climging toy that will entertain you to watch.

Giant Slide

Young and old alike can't get enough of the giant potato sack slide. Potato farmers use this slide material to put on the bottom of their potato trucks so when they dump out potatoes they slide out nicely without getting bumps and bruises. So now pretend your a potato and grab a sack to see how you slide!

Mini Maze

Think going through towering corn can be tricky to navigate? Well even navigating your way through hay bales can be even more tricky. Our mini mazes offer fun in a challenging way.

Corn Cannon

Reay, aim, fire! Corn cobs fly out this air compressed cannon. Cobs explode and kernals fly as they hit the targets.

Corn Box

Did you know that the average cob of corn has 800 kernals on it? How many cobs of corn does it takes to make 6 ton of corn kernals? Uhhhh....not sure but it is so much fun to play in.

Animal Train

Fall Event -- Mondays through Fridays from 4-8 pm. Saturdays from 10 am-8 pm. Spring Event -- Mondays through Saturdays 12-6 pm.

Petting Farmyard

Goats, calves, sheep, chickens, bunnies and piglets can all be found in our petting farmyard. Just come to play or feed them a cup of their favorite treat for just $1.

Trick-or-Treat Hayride

Included with general farm admission. Characters toss treats to the wagon as it makes its route around the pumpkin patch. October --Saturdays from 12:00pm - 3:00 pm. Mondays from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.


Fall Event -- Mondays through Fridays from 4:30-7 pm. Saturdays from 11 am-7 pm. Spring Event -- Mondays through Saturdays 12-6 pm.

Large Groups

For groups of 15 or more, please submit a Reservation Request to schedule a discounted group reservation, or call 368-4335.

Giant Pumpkin Drop

8th Annual Giant Pumpkin Drop October 29, 2016 starts at 12 noon! Over 7 ton of pumpkin makes a big 'splat' to help families this Christmas season! 7 ton of pumpkin is dropped from 175' in the air. It's smashin' farm fun! Hee Haw Farms 2nd giant pumpkin weigh off! Saturday, October 8th. Did you grow something big or unique you would like to enter? Free entries for the event. Email For more current information on the event, like Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers on Facebook.

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